Pet Euthanasia At Home or At The Clinic?

by | Feb 22, 2024

Should you have your pet euthanased at your veterinary clinic or in your home? This is a personal choice and depends on the circumstances of both the pet and family, and the services available in your area.

At Home:

The surroundings are familiar and comfortable which reduces stress and anxiety for your pet and your family. The whole family and other pets can be present and there is emotional comfort, intimacy, and privacy. There are little/no time constraints or distractions and no stress of travelling. However, there can be limited medical resources and veterinary team support, and sometimes emotional attachment to the home can trigger grief and sadness.

At the Clinic:

The clinic has team support with access to more equipment and medications. Emotional detachment from the home sometimes eases the grief process. However, the surgery is clinical and unfamiliar which is conducive to stress and anxiety for pets and the family. In a busy clinic there is often limited privacy, time pressure and unavoidable distractions . Travelling to the clinic can be stressful and difficult especially for very sick pets, and for pets and owners with limited mobility.