Dog Euthanasia at Home

Compassionate End-of-Life Care
Euthanasia is the humane process of peacefully ending your beloved pet’s life when there are no more options to alleviate their suffering.

When faced with the difficult decision of putting your dog to sleep, choosing to say goodbye at home can be the most caring choice for both your beloved companion and your family. We understand that traveling to a busy veterinary clinic during such emotional times can be distressing for both of you, which is why our service enables us to provide a gentle and dignified end-of-life experience for your precious companion within the familiar surroundings and comfort of your own home.

Our mission is to ensure a peaceful and compassionate euthanasia for dogs, allowing them to pass peacefully, free from pain and discomfort. We work closely with your veterinary team to guide and support you through this challenging process.

Because we understand that the cost to put a dog to sleep can be a concern, we are transparent about how much it will cost to euthanise a dog of any size and breed, as well as the various aftercare options available. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions; we are here to prioritize your pet’s care.

What Happens During the Home Visit to Put A Dog To Sleep

When our vet arrives, they will carefully explain the whole process and the order of events to everyone who is present. A “Euthanasia Consent Form” will need to be signed, as it is a legal requirement for performing the euthanasia. You have the choice to be present throughout the procedure or leave at any time according to your comfort level.

The procedure typically begins with a sedative administered just under your pet’s skin, usually in the neck area. While this injection may cause a momentary sting, it allows your pet to gradually relax, easing any pain or anxiety, and entering a peaceful sleep within 5 to 15 minutes.

For dogs, accessing a vein is often necessary, requiring an injection catheter to be inserted and taped in place. When you’re ready, an overdose of an anaesthetic is administered, causing your pet to fall into a deep, painless sleep. Breathing and heart rate will gradually slow and eventually cease. This transition can occur quickly or take a few minutes. You may choose to hold your pet during this process.

Afterward, you will have time for a final private farewell with your pet. If you’ve opted for a cremation service, our vet will respectfully transport your pet.

As a courtesy, we will inform the veterinary practice where your pet is registered of your pet’s passing to ensure seamless record-keeping and to spare you the need to make that difficult call during your time of grief.

Aftercare Options

Home Burial – this is where you make your own arrangements to bury your dog at home usually in your garden. You must take care to follow burial guidelines which can be found here.

Individual Cremation – this is where your dog is cremated individually, and the ashes are returned to you.

You will need to choose from our tasteful range of caskets, urns, scatter tube, and keepsakes for a lasting memory of your beloved companion. The choices can be viewed here. Remember that we are here for you should you wish to discuss the options available for your dog’s cremation. Typically, the ashes are returned in 7-14 days’ time, and you can collect them at a convenient location or be delivered to you.

Communal Cremation – this is where your dog is cremated with several others, and you will not have any ashes returned.